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“The greatest of all gifts is the power to estimate things at their true worth.” – François de la Rochefoucauld

To truly estimate something to its true worth, you must see it for what it is. When I first went into Andrews Coffee Shop with Hager, I was mesmerized by the appeal of the diner. We sat ourselves towards the backside where the mirrors reflected the enchanting decor. It had a comforting environment provided by alternative music softly playing on the overhead speakers. The waiters and waitresses were professional yet laid-back.

The appeal is appreciated when the food arrives…

The food was amazing. I ate the ‘Veggie Burger Deluxe’ which came with lettuce, tomatoes and French fries. Honestly, if you’re a meat-lover or a Vegetarian, I suggest you try the Veggie Burger. It’s healthy, delicious and satisfying. Simple as that.


I’m a coffee and chocolate addict with serious cravings. So to feed both my addictions at once, I ordered the ‘Tiramisu.’ The minute the plate was set in front of me, I dug in. It was love at first bite–literally. The bread melted on my tongue while the sweet creamy filling caressed my taste buds. It was sheer happiness brought on by addiction-overload.


Hager’s Hush-Hush: They have a killer Tequila Burger, which is off the menu if you like that, or the Caesar Wrap with Crispy Chicken … as for dessert Chocolate Volcano with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream…. Enough said.

Andrews Coffee Shop is an amazing diner for those who live in or outside of New York City. It’s an affordable place that offers great service and mouth-watering food and desserts. Also, if you’re looking to impress a date or enjoy a nice meal in a calming atmosphere, you ought to give it a try.
Andrews Coffee Shop
463 7th Ave
Corner of 35th  St.
**Fast Free Delivery**
(212) 695-1962


A Little Piece of Home…

Sandwiched in between ‘La Clinique Cleaners’ and ‘Hanci Turkish Cuisine,’ the Thailand Restaurant still manages to attract locals by staying true to its origins. Ironically founded on September 11, it has been successful in bringing in customers with its appeal. A bright red shutter and glass windows that show a comfortable environment on the inside, as you enter the restaurant, you automatically feel the Thai-vibe.

"A little bit of Asia in America."

It’s a small restaurant located on 56th and 57th street in Hell’s Kitchen. According to Katherine Jenkens and Ira Spar, who work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “The food is very good and the prices as same as a diner–affordable.” Both Jenkens, a brunette with a heavy English accent and Spar, a handsome gentlemen agreed that this was the best Thai food restaurant in the area.

Inside atmosphere

Inside atmosphere - part 2.

What makes this restaurant more suitable for tourists, who want to explore diversity and locals, who seem to forget the beauty in New York, is that shows the hospitality of Thailand through delectable food and a respectable staff.

“It is home. It feels like home,” says Bee Matchima, a waitress who has been in the US for 4 years and worked at the Thailand Restaurant for a year.

Saba says: For someone who goes to school nearly three blocks away, I didn’t realize there was an authentic and cultural restaurant nearby. The service was very good, the waitresses smiled a lot more than New Yorkers and the food was amazing. The appetizers were Thai-licious: Fried Calamari, Spring Rolls and Vegetable Dumplings; they satisfied my cravings for the day. The food is within price range for college students, locals and tourists (who should definitely drift away from Times Square are explore). Final verdict: 4 out 5!

Hager’s hush-hush: I recommend the Fried Calamari and the Chicken Dumplings for a light lunch but definitely try the Fried Ice cream. The atmosphere of the retaurant gives off warming vibes. Stepping into a place of comfort and facing a friendly staff. Their décor and decoratinearby.  ons of the restaurant remind you of an authentic Thailandian grandma’s kitchen. Hager gives 4 out of 5 cameras, so it’s a win-win!



Thailand Restaurant: Authentic Thai Cuisine
856 10th Avenue (56th & 57th streets)
New York, NY 10019

**Free Delivery**